What is happening to our Environment?

Liberal Democrat candidate Mike Hibbs and Green Party local coordinator Karmel Stannard met on Friday to discuss the threat to our Environment from uncontrolled growth. The failure of the Conservatives on Uttlesford District Council to come up with a Local Plan has left us under threat from indiscriminate development in most of the constituency, at the same time as leaving the European Union removes the remaining legal protection for the Environment.

Throughout the constituency, new housing is being built with no regard for the infrastructure or for the environmental consequences. We need to create legislation that will protect our green spaces, putting the needs of the communities that enjoy them and the wildlife that desperately need them above short-term profit. And we need legislation to make new housing more sustainable.

Commenting on the proposed development of Freshwell Meadow in Saffron Walden, Karmel said ‘we see many examples of our green spaces under threat from development, even though these areas are of importance as a habitat and recreational space. Freshwell Meadow is an example of much valued open space within an urban environment that should be preserved. It is a flood plain and a lovely natural habitat for local wildlife.’

Karmel said ‘We need an MP for this area who understands local environmental issues and will fight for legislation to protect the beautiful area we live in, while promoting local business and jobs. Mike Hibbs is the only truly local candidate that has the expertise, the green principles, and the local knowledge to do this, which is why the Uttlesford Green Party are supporting his campaign.

(If you would like to help protect Freshwell Meadow, objections have to be sent to the Uttlesford District Planning Office by the 8th June.)’

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